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From Color to Black and White

Going from color to black and white is not as hard as you think, with this in mind make your that your keep these key points in mind while taking landscaping photos. For starters always shoot in color and shoot in RAW. If your shoot in black and white and in the end your end up not liking the outcome of that photo, your’ve missed out on the option of color. Keep in mind some pictures will look better in full color. Shooting in color give your the flexibility to have it both ways.

Before You Shoot: Visualize

It’s always a good habit when composing an image to visualize what your shot will look like in black and white. Keep notes of the lines and shapes as well as the shadows or contrast. These three things can make or break a black and white composition since they are the key factors that will attract your viewers eyes. Textures and patterns will also be an eye catcher in black and white landscapes, since your don’t have that color to give your that pop.

You want to keep in mind the other compositional techniques that your can impose since there is no color in black and white. Think of it in terms of tomes (shade of gray). You want to incorporate some contrast, bright whites, dark blacks and a range of grays for the most powerful landscapes.


Good Lighting is KEY            

Lighting is Key! Light can drastically increase the quality of a photo. Pay attention to the sky and cloud patterns. Clear skies, are my last choice, cloudy skies are more dramatic and turn out better as where clear skies leave the image needing something more.


Not An Afterthought

Often times we see a photo and don’t like it in color so we try our hand at black and white, more than not we don’t consider the fact that it might not always work. We are hopeful that it will be this amazing photo and then it’s not. Rather than approaching this conversion as a way to fix the color problem we should start by composing with the intent to convert to black and white. No doubt your skills will improve if your hit it with a different mindset rather than an after thought.


  Luckily for us

Our for fathers like Ansel Adams, set the standard for black and white landscape photography by creating an appeal to the medium which has managed to service the digital revolution still holding the hearts of many. Thought the interest in black and white photography has somewhat eased over the years, it has withheld the test of time and become a classic technique, still widely used today.

5 Replies to “Black and White Landscape – Photos like a Pro”

  1. Hello, you have realkyvwidened my scope concerning black and white photography. Most times, whenever I tried achieving a particular shot and it doesn’t reach the quality I desire, I change the colours to black and white. Overtime, it has become my go-to saver for my bad photographs. I never knew that envusagunf its use right from time before the sots are taken would really go a long way as to pass the right message it was meant to in the first place. This is really great to know of. I will surely try it out. Thanks

  2. Black and white was not an option in the past when photography wasn’t in its technological peak. Today, it is used as an alternative for the coloured. One thing is if you don’t like your pictures in the colour it has, black and white is always a better option. I should try out landscape photography but with my phone though. Thank you for a good insight to how it all works.

  3. Personally, I appreciate more of black and white photograph than color because it always give me this sight soothing amazement. Unlike before when photography isn’t a profession everyone can enrol, we have many professional photographers now who inspires their line of work and encourages others even those not fully in photography like me. This post is really educating and helpful, I’ve learnt so much and I hope I can put it to use sometimes. Thank you.

  4. I must agree with you there when you say that lightening is key when taking pictures and so it is also very important when taking landscape pictures. For black and white, I always thought they were only better on portrait photography but you have opened my eyes now to a new form. I also have to go with you there that one needs to visualise before taking pictures. This is good information. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks for this informative article, you are indeed very correct on facts on black and white landscape, Black and white photos exude charm and elegance, and a timeless classic beauty that’s not easily replicated with their color counterparts. I also think Post processing is a great alternative to snapping in black and white mode since it allows you more control over the resulting photo. Thanks for sharing. 

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